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Thermographics – An Exciting Technology
An Exciting Technology
By Curtis Bennett
With injury or infection in the body, there is an inflammatory response and the same applies to the creatures in our care. The application requires a little more understanding because of hair and other factors so if you have failed with thermography in looking for injuries with animals, it is because the equipment is limited and/or the application exceeded their expertise.

We have very successfully provided Veterinarians and pet owners with invaluable information related to their health objectives. The file above was completed to see a circulation challenge with a young horse. Not only were we able to pinpoint the source of the circulation challenge, we verified physiological changes with treatment. Open the article above and enjoy the images related to Valgus Deformity or Laminitis article. In both cases the magnetic products were very specific in design and gauss rating. These magnetics were used because of the superior design and low gauss rating.

The file below was completed with a veterinarian to see if we could provide a visual image of inflammation associated with Laminitis or Founder as well as reduction in inflammation with treatment. It is important to note that the images were over the same span of temperature so any physiological differences could be seen.

Laminitis & Thermographics

laminitis & thermographics
Laminitis & Thermographics
Our specific imaging applications are lectured for education credits required for ongoing medical licensing and have expanded to the veterinary community including animal sciences.
Dog With One Colder Foot
Elk In Jasper National Park 
Cat On The Move
Eye Differences In Poodle
Skin Inflammation
Images retrieved from the Web Archive captured on May 2, 2015.
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