EMF | Smart Meter, Wi-Fi, Wireless & Wired Frequencies Are Very Dangerous


June 11, 2012

There are reasons we wire instead of using wireless. Wireless has to be used carefully and frequencies 

can't be thrown around with reckless abandon or that can interact with anything the electromagnetic fields (EMFs) touch. 
It is a bit freaky with this wireless technology

Health Canada's Safety Code 6 governs the limits of human exposure to RF EMFs. The unintentional stimulation of tissue is to be avoided as is the heat effect. Intentional stimulation of tissue is medical imaging in very controlled environments and governed by law. 

When you go to the doctor or dentist for an X-ray, they put you in an intended position of use and you wear protective clothing for the 
Attenuation(elimination) of the frequencies from touching you. 

Health Canada's Safety Code 6 protects the public, uses the same science standards as the FCC and other international bodies on the limits of human exposure to radiofrequency EMFs. Provinces and utility companies all have to comply with Safety Code 6 where stimulation of tissue can cause nerve and muscle stimulation.

Here is BC Hydro's Fact Sheet on Smart Meters stating Safety Code 6 is the law and the same science standards as the FCC. See the highlighted area on Page 2.

The highlighted area of BC Utilities Commission on Page 19 states compliance with Safety Code 6 for Smart Meter Program.

Page 9, paragraph 2 of Safety Code 6 is alarming because the mechanism linking the frequencies to adverse health effects has been missing, they haven't been scientifically established nor are the implications for human health well understood. Lack of evidence on causality, biological plausibility and reproducibility greatly weaken the support for the hypothesis of adverse health effects.

Safety Code 6 admits they are electromagnetically inducing tissue but the tissue was treated as dead tissue being heated in a microwave. It is assumed the heating is related to a power density affecting a localized area or tissue. As soon as the mechanism linking the frequencies to adverse health effects was

reported, these frequencies became illegal in these applications. Health Canada's Health Minister sent a form letter response and dismissed electricity as peer reviewed science. (Letter Link)

Cell Towers are deceptive language; they don't mention all existing and future antennas blasting areas with EMFs. Smart Meter Routers smothering neighborhoods to communicate with smart devices and Wi-Fi Routers bathing the classrooms with a high frequency power density were left out of the equation. The trillions of nerves in the body, all frequencies, biological systems, constitutive properties and a lot of science professionals left out of the radiation discussion. As soon as you add all the missing frequencies, towers, routers, wireless infrastructure, electrical properties of unprotected humans, you have causation showing how humans are hit by the EMFs that would cause adverse health effects. The dangers of wireless frequencies is now lectured in medical education for education credits doctors, nurses, etc require for licensing. It is recognized in North America and is accepted medical education, no longer just opinion. Here is the press release for the American Academy of Environmental Medicine.

Safety Code 6 says Health Canada will use the weight of evidence approach with submitted science and change the code, they didn't follow the code even though the application of law changed. BC Minister Rich Coleman was informed the frequencies are illegal. Coleman responded with dismissive form letter, not weighted science by qualified professionals.

Wi-Fi is electromagnetically inducing children as well as teachers and they are now conductors creating electricity. The problem is they already have their own electricity and are uninsulated. Here is a link to show you how frequencies not installed properly can cause catastrophic failure at 60 Hz in an insured industrial application.

~ Curtis Bennett

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