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Dianne Knight
@MagneticSoles · Nov 19, 2021

Professor Curtis Bennett @RealThermoguy 
Q1. Why did you investigate the physicist who invented the Magnetic Soles, Anthony Bove, the way you did? 
Q2. What is different about this particular design?
Q3. Is the product a medical device and it is suitable for everyone?
Anthony Bove
Professor Curtis Bennett
@RealThermoguy · Nov 19, 2021

Replying to @MagneticSoles
Q1. I set Anthony and those distributing his technologies up for failure in an investigation that has lasted years. Millions were impacted globally and people  had profound experiences. Unbelievable for me to investigate & have the technologies save my foot as well as my life.
Curtis Bennett
@RealThermoguy · Nov 19, 2021

Replying to @RealThermoguy @MagneticSoles
Q2. This particular design is incredibly unique. Uniform throughout. Round magnets & the fields turned to oppose each other meaning greater depth. Imaged increased circulation in minutes.
Q3. Requires a more prepared answer as all people are not the same. Stay tuned, they work.
Varicose Veins
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