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Your Primary Care Physician Is Supervising Your Care, As Required

Whenever you see the need, your Primary Care Physician is supervising your care, and in all cases it is required if a medical condition is present.

Wellness Consulting
Your Doctor's Wellness Care Consulting
Your purchase of your first pair of Magnetic Soles includes your Initial Wellness Consulting.

Should you desire, additional hours are available for an extra hourly fee. 
pace that you are ready for and you set within your comfort zone
Engaging you in your own wellness care, we go according to the pace that you are ready for, with guidance from your doctor, as required, within your comfort zone.
Dianne Knight, B. A.
Dianne Knight, B.A.

Individual Consultations 
Dianne Knight, B.A.
Former Professor 
Curtis Bennett

Upon Special Arrangements
When Available

Curtis Bennett
Former Professor Curtis Bennett
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