EMF: Smart Grid Stimulating Nerves, Killing Biology, Radiating Buildings, Infrastructure            & Providing Excuse for Criminal Behaviour

Smart Grid Stimulating Nerves, Killing Biology, Radiating Buildings, Infrastructure & Providing Excuse for Criminal Behavior

October 26, 2012

The dangers and vulnerability of the smart grid can't be overstated. The smart grid is being installed based on safety standards that only considered the end use devices and not the accompanying wireless relays, routers, collectors, antennas covering 1000s of square miles. Making it worse is the ultimate goal of having a global smart grid which means global radiation coverage.

There is nothing on the planet electrically compatible with each of the frequencies and the frequency interactions with everything they hit was left out of frequency calculations. The frequencies will kill everything living on the planet, radiate buildings, accelerate corrosion of infrastructure and destroy everything. On a personal note, there is no place to hide, no opt out and 100% of people regardless of wealth, power, self importance, their families, etc will be adversely affected. The frequencies will genetically modify genetically modified food, kill bees, pollinators, all food, migration, kill fish spawning and hell is here for what we are doing. 

The science and law has changed with the mechanisms reported linking the frequencies to adverse health effects. You can't kill people or the planet to make a dollar. Electrical engineers only agreed to the technology because they weren't told frequencies, electrical information and other critical considerations were not considered in calculations. Here is a link to simple explanations with illustrations including the link to the dangers of the frequencies lectured in medical education required for maintaining medical licensing. There can be no margin of error on whether the frequencies are causing nerve and muscle stimulation and interrupting electrochemical processes. All human physiology is different and RF EMFs or other EMFs cannot be discounted as a contributor to irrational behavior. Currently, no one has even considered these increasing frequencies to explain the enormity of the bizarre violent behavior in North America. Health Canada's Safety Code 6, the same science standards as the FCC states on Page 9, paragraph 3 and that stimulation of tissue is to be avoided. Experimental studies have shown it can lead to nerve and muscle depolarization. That can be an EMF trigger like your car key opening the door from a distance. Here is a quote from a medical professional that lectured the medical education program on the dangers of wireless frequencies: 

Neuropeptides are the chemical equivalent of a biological communication system linking the nervous, hormonal and immune systems. When one of these systems is either strengthened or depressed the others will be affected profoundly. The nervous system is like an on off switch in that it runs on that positive / negative relationship of polarization and depolarization you have eloquently referred to numerous times. Once the depolarization process begins it not only impacts the nervous system communication but impacts 
the delicate hormonal and immune systems functioning as well. There are coherent frequencies and incoherent frequencies. The former has innate "orderliness" while the latter demonstrates a disorderly state.

That's why we refer to someone as "incoherent" as being in a disordered state of consciousness. When a coherent bio-electric pattern becomes disrupted by frequencies that are nothing short of an electrical storm and assaulting the natural rhythms of the body, one's mental faculties become severely compromised. Unfortunately we are just seeing the beginning of an epidemic of highly dysfunctional and psychopathic behaviors.

Here is a link to BC Hydro and information claiming the frequencies are safe despite their own illustrations demonstrating they are radiating areas.

Here is a link to testimony for the Texas Senate Committee on smart meter safety. 

Can you blame utilities if the smart grid is funded by government stimulus for billions of dollars and good intent? The stimulus should have provided for wiring of the smart grid as it is the missed economy and would employ millions, while keeping the world safe. President Obama has stated health costs will bankrupt the US Government, shocking to see them funding their own bankruptcy through stimulus packages allegedly for building the economy.

This opinion isn't singular, critical science was missing from the original calculation in regard to the safety of electromagnetic radiation. The smart grid will redefine medicine and science in general and every aspect of life. Wireless environments and vulnerability to these frequencies now has to be considered in medical diagnosis and the smart grid is very, very dangerous to those already suffering from neurological or health challenges. 

In regard, to saving energy or taking stress off the electrical grid, Smart meters are not addressing energy waste but are billing you for it. Energy Losses through Heat Loss Link. Separate of the heat loss, massive energy is wasted in the 1000s of watts per hour with each building reacting to symptoms of Urban Heat Islands and you are being billed peak hours.

The United Nations members have committed over $500 billion to stop man-made global warming but the smart grid will negate that and heat the atmosphere with an admitted power density(watts). At a time when more severe weather, droughts, floods, fires are growing larger and more frequent the smart grid contributes to a serious threat financially, medically and takes a serious toll on survival of all living creatures. There are real reasons we wire the world and we better smarten up before it is really too late.

~ Professor Curtis Bennett

Smart Grid Stimulating Nerves, Killing Biology, Radiating Buildings, Infrastructure & Providing Excuse for Criminal Behavior
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