Medical Imaging | Early Detection of Breast Cancer

September 6, 2012

There is much more to successful breast imaging than equipment and intent. The images below are a real reflection of that. The [left] image below was taken by a 50 clinic group with certified thermographers and doctors doing the reporting. Their reporting used the image below as a baseline for this patient's breast health even though her mother died from breast cancer and a sister had a breast removed.

The patient in the image asked us to look at her reporting and we disagreed with the reporting of the 50 clinic group in its entirety. We asked for the image over a different span of temperature.... [The right image beside the first image] over a different span. Do the breasts look the same? There was a cancerous mass above her left areola.
Breast Cancer 1
Breast Cancer 2
This breast thermography was considered a baseline for a woman with breast cancer in the family.
I disagreed. Look at the same image adjusted.
Can you see the lack of symmetry now?
Mass removed above left areola.
The 50 clinic group including their doctors could have had a liability regardless of intent. The imaging application we employ exceeded their expertise and one of the reasons we lecture infrared in medical education for education credits needed for licensing.
Our medical objective is to provide non invasive imaging in clinical environments so medicine can see their objectives where otherwise they are blind.

                                                                         ~ Curtis Bennett

"Center the pattern over the areola,
the pigmented area on the breast around the nipple,
for prevention and maintenance."
~Former Professor Curtis Bennett

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