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Q. What happens overall, when I place my Magnetic Soles on my feet?
A. The energy in the body travels in a closed loop system.

Each cell in the body, including every hair follicle from head to toe, is connected from the primary placement of your Magnetic Soles on the feet. They augment our natural energy.
energy in the body
Q. Can I measure my progress on my Magnetic Soles with my local themographer?
A. Thermal Radiation Imaging creates an image of an object by using infrared radiation emitted from the object to graph heat. 

At the present time, this specialized work is done solely by Professor Curtis Bennett. No one else has this most advanced application that correctly captures the performance seen by applying infrared technologies at molecular levels.
Example of Thermal Radiation Imaging
Example of others' Thermal Radiation Imaging
[Excerpt] 'It is shameful representation of Thermal Radiation Imaging to see the screening done at airports looking for Ebola. Between 2003 for SARS and 2009 for H1N1, 100s of millions of people were imaged at ports of entry. They couldn’t produce one image of a flu because the imaging application exceeded expertise.'

Q. What are the Magnetic Soles made of?

A. The medium for the magnets is a product that is associated with the bottom of a tennis shoe because of its durability, employing an elastic binder such as neoprene.

Air holes are provided.

Each pair of Magnetic Soles is made with powerful rare earth magnets embedded into it at angles that cause overlapping magnetic fields.  

What are the Magnetic Insoles made of?

Q. How long will the Magnetic Soles last?

A. They will take many years of wear, depending on the size and physiology of varying people who bear weight differently. It is commonly accepted that magnets last 100 years while losing less than 5% of their power.

Just so that you know how to best care for your Magnetic Soles, 
there are two things that destroy magnets:
1. high impact, and
2. high heat;
otherwise they last a very long time.

100 years
It is commonly accepted that magnets last 100 years while losing less than 5% of their power.
Q. How much will it cost per day?
A. We estimate the cost for your package of one pair of Magnetic Soles plus Three Hours of Wellness Consulting included would be pennies a day for a typical number of years of wearing time.
cost per day
Q. How important is it to purchase a second pair along with the first ones that always belong on the feet?
A. It is up to you; however, consider getting a second pair because you will use them on different parts of the body. There are numerous other applications. If you don't get a second pair, you will be moving your Magnetic Soles you buy all over the body when they aren't on your feet.

Also, we are out of production and there is limited stock to fill special orders until we can resume manufacturing them.
second pair
Q. Where on the body could I place a second pair of Magnetic Soles?
A. You could trim down a second pair to make wrist wraps to prevent nausea and vomiting, use the trimmings in bandages, do maintenance on your eyes by placing a circular pattern over each eyeball all night long, prevent problems in men's testicles, women's eggs in their ovaries, and apply them anywhere that is hurting. 

increasing energy

Q. How long will it take me to become well?

A. Everyone has a different wellness history; therefore there is no one answer. Some are more toxic than others, having absorbed more chemicals and radiation from the environment. Additional factors include exposure to temperature extremes, adequate oxygen, pH of the body, clean drinking water and lack of nutrients.

The Magnetic Soles are far more effective with correct water hydration.

They are progressively adding more and more energy to the body.

It is possible to avoid invasive surgeries all together with their accelerated detoxification. 

One person reported that she had measured increased bone density.

How Long to Become Well?
Q. Do I decide where I desire the extra energy to go?
A. No, your Innate Intelligence is working without your conscious choice.

Every nerve transmission that runs your body without you thinking about it, every single chemical reaction, every tissue formation, and every bacterial or viral invasion that is fought off is controlled and coordinated by this Innate Intelligence.

There is no logical sequence of how the wisdom of the body decides to do self-repair.

For example, if you have a paper cut on your finger, you do not need to think in your brain to command your body to repair it. It's done for you.
Q. I have chronically hot feet and may not wear my shoes enough to justify Magnetic Soles. Is it practical for me to purchase a pair?
A. Yes. You can wear your Magnetic Soles in sandals, providing there is no thong between the big toe and the next one. You will need socks to hold them in place, or else they will slip out at the back, if no heel is on the sandals.

The feet contain an extensive network of nerve endings. Adding extra natural energy to the body is not about warming the feet.
Q. Is it safe to walk barefoot on the Earth to ground oneself and obtain the healing frequency of the Planet naturally?
A. No, unless  you have the advice of a highly trained pro who inserts rods into the Earth and measures with instrumentation where you plan to walk.

Measuring and mitigating ground current (stray voltage), in itself, is a highly dangerous job. 

Locally, David Colling was conducting an assessment of ground current (stray voltage) at a farm near to Port Perry, Ontario, on Thursday October 24th, 2013. He went to check around the farm transformer and soon after, was found unconscious. He had been electrocuted.

walking barefoot on Earth
Walking Barefoot Upon the Earth
If others in the neighbourhood know an intended area to be safe, going there is not entirely free of risk should there be a wire that has its insulation deteriorate, or any other unexpected electrical hazard develops.
Q. Are the Magnetic Soles protective against Electromagnetic Fields (EMF)s?

A. No, they are restorative. They help to stabilize the body electrically, within the limit of what they can do. The cleaner the environment, the less effort needed to augment your body to self heal. Minimize your exposures to EMFs and other toxins.


[Excerpt] 'The only construction that can withstand these EMFs as deployed is an MRI Chamber.'

MRI chamber
MRI Chamber

Q. Are the Magnetic Soles suitable for those who practice a pure, ethical Vegan lifestyle?

A. Yes; the Magnetic Soles are made with a synthetic material and nothing comes from the Animal Kingdom.

Vegan Lifestyle
Magnetic Soles are acceptable for compassionate Vegans.
Q. Are all sales final?
A. Yes. The Magnetic Soles are a personal item for use on your feet.

We will not issue a return authorization for a replacement pair of Magnetic Soles except if a product is defective.
All Sales Final for a personal item
Q. Are there slight irregularities in the appearance? 
A. Yes, because the Magnetic Soles are hand-crafted.
Hand-crafted in the USA

Q. Is it okay to combine other magnetic devices with the Magnetic Soles?

A. No, unless they are tested and found to be of the same magnetic field, just like prescriptions have to be checked to see if they are compatible together.

Until new products are released, we find creative ways to add more Magnetic Soles to your life

Check to see if other magnetic devices are compatible
Check to see if other magnetic devices are compatible
Q. Is there any risk of injury if not following instructions?
A. Yes, in the worst case you may be hospitalized if you are in a vulnerable risk group and ignore the advice of your licensed physician, who is supervising you as required. Yes you could be injured if you do not hydrate correctly with water to flush out the products of your expected accelerated detoxification. 

Please see 'Set-Up, Care & Important Safety Cautions' and 'Water Hydration'.
Hydrate with adequate water
Q. What might be my symptoms of accelerated detoxification?
A. There is no way of knowing in advance how strong the body's sensations will be on your Journey to Wellness.

Healthy people who are going for Optimal Wellness often feel an enjoyable, gentle, tingling sensation of moving energy, deep relaxation and experience feelings of being supported and nurtured.

Many report that nothing at all is happening, although it really is. If paying closer attention everyone ought to feel something. It could be a couple of months until you have measurable results in how your body performs, alike many people, or if there is an old injury you may immediately experience short-term excruciating pain in that area.

Those who do have a healing crisis need to endure a temporary worsening of symptoms after beginning to wear Magnetic Soles. If you wish, you may cut back the wearing time to as little as one or two seconds and build up your time on them. The other choice is to tough it out.

Symptoms of the body releasing toxins faster than the body may comfortably handle them could be a Herxheimer’s or Cleansing Reaction.

Just in case you need it, before you place your 
Journey to Wellness
Your Journey to Wellness could have dips in the curve
Magnetic Soles under your feet for the first time, allow extra time allocated in your schedule for possible headaches, tiredness, irritability, congestion, nausea, muscle or joint pain, sore throat, general malaise, sweating, chills or other symptoms.

Your Wellness Consultation hours can be dedicated to supporting you through this possible reaction.

Know that you will get through any possible reaction because it is a positive sign that your body is rallying its ability to take care of you far better with the extra energy from your Magnetic Soles.
Q. How can one afford the Magnetic Soles if receiving low income?
A. To be in fair exchange, win-win, you may fundraise with GiveSendGo, GoFundMe®, Facebook or other platforms.

Also, you may ask a philanthropist to cover your retail price.

Note: In the past, as a Distributor for the Magnetic Soles, I have personally sponsored  individuals experiencing severe peril who Professor Curtis Bennett carefully selected and recommended to me.

Professor Curtis Bennett considered how well each did their voluntary community work of "putting out the fire" by contacting their city hall, elected representatives at all levels, media, unions or whomever.

The desired outcome was to hold Professor Curtis Bennett accountable for his qualified opinion to end the exposures from wireless Radio Frequency Microwave Radiation.

This option is now closed due to the finalization of the informing work of Professor Curtis Bennett. 

Q. What is the overall beneficial point of view, specifically for the Planet?

A. We expect enormous positive results. Our planning shows long-term Environmental, Health and Wellness increases, and their true Ecological and Financial impacts, with projected savings of billions in costs.

Imagine what would happen if Humanity was functioning at a higher level of Wellness.

Compassionate Vegans and Conservationists alike will love the anticipated real Environmental benefits.

Planet Earth
Expected long-term Environmental, Health and Wellness increases forecast true
Ecological and Financial impacts
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