Soles | Method of Payment, Shipping Notes and All Sales Final


1. Method of Payment

1(a). INTERAC e-Transfer within Canada,


1(b). PayPal invoice where you can enter your credit card
    information securely without needing a PayPal account.

    Please see the instructional video below:
    'How to Pay a PayPal Invoice',


1(c). Money Order payable to 'Dianne Knight' sent by surface

1(d). Please send me a message with your requested Method 
    of Payment.

Method of Payment
INTERAC e-Transfer
PayPal Invoice
sample money order

2. Shipping Notes

2(a). Parcel Specifications:

(i). Shipping Weight: 182 grams (6.4 ounces
0.4 pound) per pair + packaging weight to
    be added in later.

(ii). Packaging for a single pair of Magnetic
 at Canada Post in the #2 Poly bubble
   Price: $1.99 CAD in November 2021.*

W 21.59 cm x L 30.48 cm
   (8 1⁄2 x 12 inches) 

   Weight: 18.2 grams (0.64 oz. = 0.04

(iii) Total parcel weight:

    1 pair 
Magnetic Soles + bubble mailer
    = 200 grams (
7.05 ounces = 0.44 pound)

* (Price subject to change without notice.)

#2 Poly bubble mailer
2(b). Expedited Shipping within Canada:

Go onto the Canada Post website and do an estimate for a rate for an expedited parcel from Postal Code M6R 2N2.

For a Parcel
Basic shipping service via Canada Post does not include a tracking number, so you cannot find where your parcel is stuck while waiting for it.

We require a tracking number, insurance and your signature upon delivery to thwart any porch pirate. You are responsible to pick any expedited delivery choice, either Canada Post for within Canada, or any courier service you prefer.
tracking number
During a Canadian lockdown in the summer of 2021, I needed to find a parcel that went expedited via Canada Post from Toronto, Ontario to Kelowna, British Columbia, after it missed its expected delivery date. After several weeks passed, the intended recipient managed to find it with the help of the delivery person on the route in BC. I could not find it from here, no matter how much I attempted, even with a tracking number.

There is no refund from Canada Post if a parcel is delivered several weeks later during a lockdown and their previously promised expedited delivery dates do not apply.
2(c). USA and International Orders:
Courier service is required. Choose any you prefer.
USA and International Orders

Also, please note that a shipment outside of Canada is subject to Customs Duty and Taxes, payable by you, the recipient, after it clears customs in your country of destination. We do not calculate it as part of your shipping fees.

2(d). Shipping Summary:
You can do a few estimates with various carriers using your Postal Code for any destination.

I'm always willing to help from here.
always willing to help from here

3. All Sales Final

All Sales are Final. All orders are final and absolute once your fee has been paid. No refunds or exchanges are given at any time.

 Magnetic Soles are a personal item for use on your feet.

We will not issue a return authorization for a replacement pair of Magnetic Soles except if a product is defective.
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