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Magnetic Soles
Advanced Infrared Image of Feet before Magnetic Soles 
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Our mission is to help you achieve the best performance of your life, for the rest of your life, no matter where your path has taken you before, with our Magnetic Soles.

"These technologies are a complement to medical objectives and would be a medical device if explained and used properly.

Inform your doctor so s/he can work with you and the Magnetic Soles.

In dozens of years and helping millions globally, Anthony's technologies have hurt no one."

~ Professor Curtis Bennett

 Professor Curtis Bennett
Image: Professor Curtis Bennett, at the University of Central Florida, lecturing the Harm of EMFs,
 in the Energy Medicine program, on January 8 & 9, 2011.
Image courtesy of Sharon M. Weinstein.
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When first becoming familiar with the way that our Magnetic Soles will act with your body, always remember that Mother Nature is in charge. The body's north and south poles of each cell will line up and connect far better with the poles of each neighbouring cell.

If a medical condition is present, a primary care licensed physician is recommended to work with you and the 
Magnetic Soles. This is voluntary, because of the outstanding powerful performance of the Magnetic Soles

Magnetic Insole Investigation




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Frequently Asked Questions 

Set-Up, Care & Safety 



Water Hydration 



Dianne's Journey

Dementia Case Study

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"The circulatory system moving
through the magnetic field creates
natural electromagnetics."
~ Professor Curtis Bennett

Wellness Notes


1. Journalise your results, especially for the first 60 days. Print the provided linked document and keep a written record on paper of your observations and sensations, if any.

2. Please observe the Set-Up, Care and Important Safety Cautions.

3. Always keep your Water Hydration high.
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