About Curtis Bennett, Former Co-Member, Faculty, the Integrative Health Forum (IHF)

Most Advanced Infrared Consulting in the World

"I am the world's foremost authority on applying infrared technologies at molecular levels.

I am committed to contributing to the overall improvement of the Earth's ecosphere by extending mankind's vision beyond the visible."

~ Curtis Bennett

Former Chief of International Science Advisory Board of 14,301 Licensed Health and Consulting Professionals.

He was an Adjunct Professor for Accredited Medical Education For CME Credits.

It took him 13 years more to earn the additional title of Chief, International Science Advisory Board for the IHF. 

Professor Curtis Bennett
Former Professor Curtis Bennett
‘Most advanced infrared consulting in the world providing professionals with energy audits, water leaks, medical imaging, groundwater imaging, heat loss, urban heat islands, forestry, watersheds, firefighting, building inspections, published, lecture internationally, etc. and will change academia of the world by giving students sight of temperature where otherwise it is calculated.

Specialties: Building Energy Audits, Leaky Condos, Climate Change, Emissions, Electrical Distribution Inspections, Mechanical, Refractory, Forest Fires, Ground Water Sourcing, Fish Spawning, Non Invasive Medical Imaging, Medical Education’

Former Integrative Health Forum (IHFGlobal) Investigation of Physicist

Former Professor Curtis Bennett and the Integrative Health Forum (IHFGlobal) Associates Team investigated the Physicist who designed the Magnetic Soles for a dozen years. 

Topping off the investigation is the fact, once proven, that this technology was lectured for Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits. Approved medical education is the highest level of accreditation.

Former Professor Curtis Bennett was retained as an objective independent consultant to investigate and report on this technology and to tell the truth about the claims made by the Physicist who developed the Magnetic Soles.

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