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"Cells are electric and you can’t have electricity without magnetism."
~ Professor Curtis Bennett

More than 70,000 nerve endings in each foot
We have more than 70,000 nerve endings in each foot
Each pair of Magnetic Soles was made with powerful rare earth magnets embedded into the insole at angles that cause overlapping magnetic fields. That means your entire foot gets complete and effective coverage.

And with more than 70,000 nerve endings in each foot, that adds up to great benefits.

Every day, we are bombarded with invisible energy bandits – radio waves, microwaves, wireless networks, fluorescent lighting and other common conveniences of modern life. These technologies disrupt the amount of natural energy we receive from the Earth’s magnetic field. We can replenish the body’s balance of healthy energy by putting ourselves back in touch with natural forces.

The Earth's Magnetic Field

The Earth's Magnetic Field

Magnetic Soles are a gentle way to naturally increase your Vibrational Energy.

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