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Due to the mechanism missing linking the frequencies to adverse health effects, heat effect was the only precaution employed. That is ridiculous science, look at this video taken 10 years ago with an amazing scientist showing health adverse health effects at levels 75,000 times lower than allowable. 10 years later we are trying to blanket the planet with cellphone, Wi-Fi and Smart Meter frequencies.

All electrical or wireless devices need to be compatible with frequencies (EMFs) they are designed for, or they won't work, and humans, bees, pollinators or environment are unprotected, intricate, wireless systems.

~ Curtis Bennett

Electromagnetic Fields:
A Scientific Overview

By the late
Dr. Theodore (Ted) Litovitz,
Physicist and EMR Researcher,
Catholic University of America

Dr. Theodore (Ted) Litovitz
Dr. Theodore (Ted) Litovitz
Emeritus Professor of Physics and
bioelectromagnetics researcher at
Catholic University of America (CUA) in Washington, DC.
(24:25 min)

June 29, 2011

Electromagnetic Fields featuring Dr. Ted Litovitz. This presentation was given to Congressional members about 10 years ago by The Council on Wireless Technology Impacts. Edited by Ed Ellsworth. DVD available from Enlightened Films.

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