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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What are the insoles made of?

A.  The medium for the magnets is a product that is associated with a part of a tennis shoe because of its durability. Air Holes are provided. Each insole is made with powerful rare earth magnets embedded into the insole at angles that cause overlapping magnetic fields.  

Q.  How long will the insoles last?

A.  They will take many years of wear, depending on the size and physiology of varying people who bear weight differently. It is commonly accepted that magnets last 100 years while losing less than 5% of their power. Just so that you know how to best care for your insoles, there are two things that destroy magnets: 1. high impact, and 2. high heat; otherwise they last a very long time.

 Q.  How long will it take me to become well?

 A.  Everyone has a different history. Once you are on your way to wellness, with all the factors at their optimal conditions, a general rule of thumb is one month for each year you wish to recover from.

Q.  Are the insoles suitable for those who practice a pure Vegan lifestyle?

A.  Yes; it is a synthetic material and nothing comes from the Animal Kingdom.

 Q.  Is it okay to combine other magnetic devices with the Magnetic Soles?

 A.  No, unless they are tested and found to be of the same magnetic field, just like prescriptions have to be checked to see if they are compatible together. Until new products are released, we find creative ways to add more Magnetic Soles to your life.

Q.  What is the overall beneficial point of view, specifically for the Planet?

A.  We expect enormous positive results. Our planning shows long-term Environmental, Health and Wellness increases, and their true Ecological and Financial impacts, with projected savings of billions in costs. What would happen if Humanity was functioning at a higher level of Wellness? Vegans and Conservationists alike will love the anticipated real Environmental benefits.

Mother Eaerth
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