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Dianne's Journey

January 1, 2012
Hi Fellow Wellness Seekers,
On the day before a major milestone in my life, my Magnetic Soles arrived. This occasion was my third anniversary of a life crisis caused by multiple EMF (Electromagnetic Fields) exposures. I was to return to work, in a sales booth, at a holistic exhibition in Toronto. I counterbalanced my enthusiasm. Inside, I was wondering what would happen, knowing of a possible extreme internal cleansing reaction, as I first adapted to this revolutionary new technology inside my shoes. Would my body's adjustment to my "Molecular Massage" prohibit me from carrying out my duties?

Because I had two and a half decades of previous experience with the benefits of other far less powerful magnetic fields, in my mind, I had prepared myself, and let go of a large part of my massive fear. This had been caused by my being overpowered by the Electrosmog of the show attendees' cell phones and merchants' wireless point-of-sale devices three years ago. Inside, I knew I would be okay, once I got over the initial curve, if there was to be a big dip.

As it turned out, I took to it like a duck to water, having no sensations whatsoever from my Magnetic Soles, only much stronger energy and endurance.

Sure, I had fatigue;
however, now wearing my Magnetic Soles, my enervation level was much reduced, compared to before. This time, it took me only three days to recover my energy to a point where I could function.

Three and a half years ago, (in my opinion a comparatively much safer period, before the wireless transmitting 'Smart' Meters were activated in my home neighbourhood), it would have taken me a month of recovery with mostly bed-rest, with fever and chills, to "normalize" from so much
non-ionizing radiation. By the way, most folks have no idea of what they are doing to each other with their wireless devices, considering the serious biological risks and potential effects, especially for children and all future generations, for those with weakened immune systems, for the elderly, and for those carrying little ones on their way.

In fact, while at the show, a friend measured my aura with his testing device and my aura was triple with my shoes on, How wonderful it was to have an independent verification of what I figured would be the case!

My energy has been steadily increasing by a tiny amount each day since. I cannot feel the
Magnetic Soles working at all, only see the results of my significantly better nerve conduction and increased bioavailability of nutrients. My Magnetic Soles complement all other means to wellness that I am employing. My friends can see that I am much stronger too.

Now, I have added more magnetic pieces. I wear one attached to my back at my waist, and have two cut-outs of four hexagons each wrapping around my wrists, and four 
fastened together as a cap on my head, and I sit on two more on my computer chair, and sleep with one inside my pillowcase. 

Some days I am over-exposed to environmental hazards that are beyond my control, especially from the
Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) and neurotoxins, and I am able to recover and balance myself much more easily than before. I am testing my limits on outings, and know when I have overdone it and need to stay within my Environmental Sanctuary at home.

I plan to keep progressing and look forward to a much better future, and wish to share this amazing new technology with as many as possible, while I do my best to stop the sources of the challenges to our Planetary sustainable survival and help co-create "Paradise on Earth" for Humanity and Creatures.

I wish to express my Gratitude to all those who are helping me on my journey. I was barely hanging on by the skin of my teeth, more than once in my life. Some of the finest friends and wellness coaches in the world stepped in, with countless hours of their service and opportunities for me to rebuild.

Then, starting early last year, Curtis Bennett of Thermografix Consulting Corporation, entered my life, made, and later fulfilled a promise to make it far better.  Until November 1st, I had no idea these newly designed wellness devices even existed, and then I discovered that the physicist who created them, along with
Curtis Bennett, lectures these technologies in Continuing Medical Education for credits (required for ongoing licensing
for doctors and other professionals), and on top of that, opens the door for others who are willing to learn.

I wish a similar increase in natural energy for you!

Peace, Love & Light,

Dianne Knight,
B. A.

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