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General Wellness Education Coaching by Telephone

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Dianne Knight, B.A., is a certified trainer in
'New Life Patterns', 1991. (1)

Creating ways with you to meet and overcome Life's challenges, 
in Harmony with Nature

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What would happen if you learned the tools to solve your own Mind, Body and Spiritual challenges, in many situations?

Wellness Education and/or Coaching invites individuals with the opportunity to take increasing personal responsibility for their health and well-being with self-care:

  • Open frame for any positive action you wish to be coached with
  • Practice Prudent Avoidance with Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) (2)
  • Improve fitness
  • Stop smoking, (one of the toughest obstacles to overcome)
  • Achieve ideal weight by making dietary improvements to fit your needs
  • Improve peace of mind with stress management training
  • Balance career, family and relationships
  • Find true friends who are in alignment with who you are, your beliefs, and your values 
  • Encourage being in nature and outdoor activities
  • Enjoy fun and recreation
  • Conquer less than healthy habits and install good new ones
  • Guide you on your water hydration
  • Become an active listener
  • Reframe everything that happens to interpret it as positive
  • Enhance your abilities as a conscious human being. Become more emotionally intelligent, achieve a higher I.Q., or raise your spiritual intelligence
  • Develop more compassion
  • Expand your creativity 
  • Learn how to inspire yourself rather than depend on external motivation
  • Collapse negative anchors, emotional blockages that may have been forgotten in the past
  • Support for eating lower on the food chain
  • Cleanse your body by elimination of certain toxic substances from your diet, such as wheat or sugar
  • Enhance ability to make correct decisions activating certain neural pathways in your brain and body
  • Install the intention to “raise your consciousness”
  • Call upon your Angels and spirit guides, especially in the darkest moments 
  • Find and live your Divine Mission/Higher Purpose here on Earth
  • Develop spiritual wholeness in keeping with 'Higher Power' faith-based beliefs and with all who are practicing The Law of Love, The Law of Mercy (Forgiveness) and our Spiritual Laws, while supporting “The Courage to be Imperfect”. (3)

General Wellness Education Coaching by Telephone

  • One Half Hour is included with your purchase of your Magnetic Soles
  • Additional time can be booked, if you so desire

General Wellness Education by Telephone
Wellness Education Coaching Time


(1) With ''New Life Patterns', Dianne Knight initially modelled her work on the approaches she learned, as Toronto Manager for the experiential seminars, with Dr. Gregory Cheatwood, DC, who modelled Dr. Milton H. Erickson. She is always growing as a educator to meet the individual specific needs of the client.

(2) Dianne Knight experienced first-hand what happens when Dirty Electricity (DE) is not mitigated and has been impacted severely when Radiofrequency (RF)/Microwave Radiation (MWR) is anything above zero. When Barrie Trower was invited to lecture at the University of Toronto on August 24, 2010, Dianne realized the tremendous significance of this world event and began the web site Stay On The Truth, Biologically-based Public Exposure Standard for Electromagnetic Fields (ELF and RF) to promote his talk. Later she added the most significant articles about the horrific dangers of Electromagnetic Fields (EMF). When she republished a letter from Curtis Bennett, that opened new doors of EMF education at the highest level. Nine months later the mentoring flourished and led to the acquisition of the Magnetic Soles, a life or death consideration for Dianne.

(3) During the 80's Dianne Knight studied democratic parenting and participated in the Adler-Dreikurs' School for Children. She resonated with the motto “The Courage to be Imperfect,” taken from a speech by Rudolf Dreikurs, M.D., given at the University of Oregon, July 25, 1957. Rudolf Dreikurs (February 8, 1897, Vienna – May 25, 1972, Chicago) was an American psychiatrist and educator who developed psychologist Alfred Adler's work.

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