Feel the Benefits of our Magnetic Soles


Tender Loving Care

Keep a written journal

Journalise Your Results

Keep a written journal of your observations and sensations.

Gentle Tingling, Warmth and Possible Strong Initial Reactions

In the first several hours, or even days, for many individuals, be prepared for a very gentle tingling, with warmth, as your circulation increases.

For a few individuals, an extremely strong initial reaction occurs, within the first few days, weeks or even months. For a somewhat similar situation, think of a time in your past when you sat on your foot for too long and felt abhorrent "pins and needles" when your circulation was being restored.

In all cases, the Magnetic Soles are helping the body, even when it might falsely appear to be an adverse reaction; they can only assist to restore normal functioning, or even increase it to a new better level.


No Sensations that Your Magnetic Soles are Working

On the other hand, your first wearing adjustment could be anything lesser, diminishing to no sensations whatsoever. This is quite normal to not feel anything. About half our folks feel nothing at all, while all the time, the Magnetic Soles are working just fine.

Relax and enjoy the wonderful wellness effects!

If you suffer from heart disease, high blood pressure or any other disease or condition, or suspect that you may, consult your physician before using Magnetic Soles.

In the case of a stronger initial reaction, if necessary, prohibit yourself from driving a vehicle, or performing any task requiring concentration, especially if your or anyone else's safety is at risk.

Length of Wearing Time

Your first length of wearing time of Magnetic Soles could either be forever or limited to whatever you can tolerate. 

If you anticipate that you would be extra sensitive, you may wish to put them under your feet, without placing them into your shoes, for 10 minutes, and then play with them to gradually increase your wearing time. Most extra sensitive folks would restrict the number of hours to what is easily managed within comfort. We believe that biomagnets relieve the root cause of pain, not just the symptoms; some people have their level of pain temporarily accelerated, because a body cleansing occurs and decide to "Tough It Out", knowing that this phase will not last very long.


Extra Comfort, Orthotics and Stimulation of the Feet

You may wear an extra pair of socks, or use foam or felt insoles, orthotics, or arch supports on top of, or below, your Magnetic Soles.

As you become adjusted, you may feel the smooth bumps on the insoles with the logo side up for the first two or three weeks, and then usually this awareness disappears.

The insoles may be worn with the bumpier side up, if you prefer.


Wear All Night Option

If you are eager to obtain every hour of benefit that you can from your Magnetic Soles, you can wear them all night while sleeping, in between two pairs of natural fiber socks, such as organic cotton, wool or hemp. 

Wrist Bands and Other Placements

You can improve your performance further with more than one pair.

1 Hexagon Shape

  Hexagon Shape

Consider trimming an extra set of Women's Magnetic Soles down to the basic pattern of four complete hexagon shapes and making wrist bands.

Also, you can place another set anywhere on the body that could use some extra, gentle natural energy.  How would you like to place a pair on the seat of your favourite chair? How about inside your pillowcase all night long? How about three extra pair under your bedding bottom sheet, introducing them one pair at a time?

Allow Nature to Take Its Rightful Course

This technology is not a magic silver bullet; rather, it serves to complement the Laws of Nature and the Laws of Life to increase your well-being. As a general rule of thumb, we say to allow one month for every year that you wish to recover from.  Patience is a virtue.

Allow Nature to Take Its Rightful Course

Water Hydration

Note: Always keep your Water Hydration high.

Achieve wellness with Water Hydration according to "Dr. Batman's" instructions, and be sure to log the quantities in your journal during your initial adjustment period.

Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) Hazards

Implement the Precautionary Principle and use 
Prudent Avoidance for all Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) 
and other toxic exposures.

Note: If in an unsafe environment in terms of high Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) exposure, or an increased body burden load, from sources such as wireless Radio Frequency Microwave communications devices.

Partial List of EMF Sources to Avoid:

  1. Radio Frequency/Microwaves from  cell phones and similar wireless devices. Avoid useage especially when travelling in a metal cage (a.k.a. vehicle), because of its internal reflections.
  2. 'Dirty Electricity'.
  3. X-rays, unless unavoidable.
  4. MRI examination, unless unavoidable.
  5. Airport security screening, or a full body scan or other security systems.
Many possibilities could happen, with your body working harder, from a sensation of wanting to lose consciousness, to cramping of the legs, or even a feeling of a heart attack about to happen, especially if the body requires some major repairs.

Please see Symptoms of Radio Wave Sickness on the right for a detailed list of possible physiological effects from Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) exposures.

"Magnetic Souls"

We hope that you too will soon belong to our circle of "Magnetic Souls" who are living proof of the real tangible evidence of the excellence of our revolutionary newly designed magnetic field.

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