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Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) Hazards

Potential Dangers of Earthing Products

"Earthing" is mentioned at 10:40 min. 
by Dr. Sam Milham, MD, MPH.

Sam Milham,

A Brief Introduction to 'Dirty Electricity' - Dr. Sam Milham
Original Uploaded on 21 Dec 2011
Electro-Magnetic Pollution

This 17-minute briefing is one post in a new EON series of videos on the work of Dr. Sam Milham, an epidemiologist and author of the book DIRTY ELECTRICITY.

Dr. Milham's groundbreaking research demonstrates a strong correlation between the rise of the so-called 'diseases of civilization' and the historical spread of electrification.

He explains how the harmonics and frequency distortions generated by appliances and microwave antennas and riding on the 60 cycle current running through household, school and office wiring can seriously impact human health.

This information is especially relevant in the context of the current controversy over wireless so-called 'smart meters.' Milham's findings show that just turning the 'radio off' in the 'smart meters' will not solve the full problem of the human health risks posed by the devices - and already experienced and testified to by thousands of injured and outraged customers. Also contained in the poorly designed devices is at least one more source of electro-magnetic pollution; a 'switching mode power supply' (SMPS). known to be a source of 'dirty electricity' capable of making many people sick.

Dirty Electricity: Electrification and the Diseases of Civilization by Samuel Milham, MD, MPH



Are Earthing Mats Really Safe?

Uploaded on 6 Aug 2011

"Earthing mats that plug into electrical outlets may increase the risk of exposure to voltages and intermediate frequencies. In addition to the dangerous risk of becoming a part of the grounding path of surrounding unshielded electricity, there is also the potential to increase one's exposure to intermediate frequencies. Plugging an earthing mat into the electrical ground can be dangerous because intermediate frequency noise and voltage can be picked up from the electrical system onto the ground cable. This noise may be present even when key circuit breakers are turned off, as long as the neutral wires are still connected at the electrical panel with other noise-carrying neutral wires. Even noise-carrying wiring running alongside unenergized wiring can result in a transfer of intermediate frequency noise. A body voltage meter and Grundig G8 radio can be used to test for electric fields and intermediate frequency noise. (This video was taken with a faulty power supply that was causing excessively high readings.) The actual reading appeared to be 4,000mV peak to peak.")

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