'Molecular Massage By God'

temperature scale
Original Published on 18 Jun 2018
By Professor Curtis Bennett

'Properly designed magnetic fields have unrealized effects for human and animal applications. They need to be designed and applied responsibly.

Summarizing an extensive investigation of many years, we used the most advanced non invasive radiology applications in the world to see physiological changes if any. 

Results are a complement to medical objectives saving lives as well as health costs. Increased nerve conduction, regrew nerve fiber, accelerated wound healing, seizures, FAS [Fetal Alcohol Syndrome], Diabetic Neuropathy, Varicose Veins, Bone Density Increase, Measured 15% more oxygen in blood in 30 minutes with compromised leg wounds and much more.

We don't manufacture or sell the technology, we investigated a Physicist that did these amazing designs.'

Comment by Professor Curtis Bennett

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