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Leg Vein Inflammation

Difficult Diagnosis For Varicose Veins, Inflammation & Circulation

November 16, 2012

"It is hard to believe that medicine has been effectively blind to inflammation and physiology(function), even though it is their objective to deal with it. That has changed with advancements in thermography that is now lectured in medical education for CE credits required for medical licensing.

 Infrared technology is represented in such a limited capacity because the imaging application exceeded expertise. It takes more than equipment purchase to achieve imaging success. The level of thermography you will see represented here is lectured at that highest recognized level of accepted medical education. The Energy Medicine Program put on by the IHF and GEDI is that progressive education providing sight to medicine with 100% non invasive imaging applications. Medical Imaging Link

The subject of this discussion was having leg pain and diagnosis hadn't isolated the problem. We were contacted out of frustration because of suggestions they see a psychiatrist. Look at the imaging below in the infrared spectrum, can you see the source of inflammation now?" 

~ Curtis Bennett

Leg Vein Inflamation
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